Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery services offered in Frederick, MD

When you need skin and soft tissue surgery the surgeons of Foris Surgical Group is here to help.  Our surgeons have assisted many residents of Frederick, Maryland, with a wide range of soft tissue surgical interventions. Booking a face-to-face consultation is a simple process with online and phone options available.

Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery Q&A

What is skin and soft tissue surgery?

Skin and soft tissue surgery refers to surgical procedures that alter your skin or other soft tissues of the body. Your skin is your body's largest organ and performs many different functions. Skin is also exposed to environmental dangers that can cause serious issues, including skin cancer. 

Lacerations and abrasions can allow fungi, bacteria, and viruses to enter and create an infection. Bacteria inside your body can cause skin and tissue infections.

When less invasive treatments cannot resolve a serious skin issue, skin and soft tissue surgery is often the best treatment option.   

How can skin and soft tissue surgery help treat skin cancer?

Most types of skin cancer grow slowly and are confined to a relatively small area of skin. Removing cancerous lesions can prevent the spread of skin cancer and is also an important part of preserving healthy, unbroken skin. 

Foris Surgical Group can remove many abnormal skin growths for a biopsy procedure. This screening checks for signs of cancer and can even detect precancerous changes at the cellular level, which enables the earliest possible treatment. 

The practice offers melanoma removal. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer and can be very aggressive. Removing these lesions takes specialized training and a very skilled hand. If you notice changes in your skin and are concerned about skin cancer, schedule a diagnostic assessment as soon as possible. 

What are some non-cancerous needs that skin and soft tissue surgery can address?

Most skin issues treated at Foris Surgical Group are not malignant, yet still need professional medical attention. Some of the more common skin health needs that bring people to the practice include:

  • Lipomas
  • Abscesses
  • Sebaceous cysts
  • Pilonidal cysts
  • MRSA wounds

Wound care is an essential part of the skin and soft tissue services performed at Foris Surgical Center. Your practitioner can assess your wound and provide guidance on how to perform optimal wound care routines at home as your skin goes through the repair process. 

Learn more about skin and soft tissue surgery options during a personalized consultation. You can book your visit in just moments over the phone or schedule online any time of day or night.